Branded Finance™ FROM NOOSA

Don’t let your brand feel like a bank.

You own the customer experience. Shouldn’t you own finance, too? Offer new ways for customers to pay, all aligned with your brand.

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How It Works

Branded Finance™ is the new black.

Originate your own claims for deferred payment transactions and deliver a fully branded customer experience.

Use risk-adjusted pricing for claim origination to match product specific with relevant customer profiles.
Sell and transfer claims back-to-back to our partnering banks to offload risk
Enjoy exclusive installment communication to enhance relationship and repeat orders.

Turn every cart
into a connection.

Provide the financing customers are looking for, integrated to match what your brand represents.


More sales and
higher order value.

More ways to pay means more customers. Improve sales and order value without diluting brand affinity.


buying experience.

Design a finance-driven journey to enhance relevancy and personalization. Deliver an exclusive experience.


customer relationships.

Control the entire customer journey. Develop customer relationships with integrated finance.


Smarter than your average checkout.

Engage customers from the social commerce discovery phase to post payment communications.
Establish relationships that boost loyalty and repeat orders.
Enhance relevance and brand affinity with every purchase.
Match approval requests to sales conversion and retention objectives.
Credit-risk adjusted pricing for product-specific or overall approval.
Branded Finance™

Don’t buy impressions.
Make them.

No two brands are alike.
No two finance journeys should be, either.

Here to be liked.

Integrate with social commerce and ad touchpoints.

Attention to detail.

Offer finance options based on specific products.


Deliver a completely custom, branded cart experience.

Get to know them better.

Use Branded Finance™ data to develop the customer relationship.

Annual customers spend is almost three times higher with brand own deferred payment services than without.
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